Academic Fund

Supporting our Students

Each year the college attempts to help students as many students as possible who are struggling to meet the financial demands of undergraduate and postgraduate study. This is enabled through the generous help of the University College Durham Trust.

With the Trust's support, the College is also able to award a range of Scholarships and Fellowships: 

Pemberton and Slater Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Awarded to undergraduates from lower income households, to assist with the cost of attending University College. Offered to two students each year.

Pemberton and Slater Postgraduate Scholarships

  • Three Pemberton Doctoral Scholarships of £1000 a year for three years. One Scholarship is offered each year.
  • Two Pemberton Masters Scholarships of £500 for a year. These Scholarships are offered each year.

The University College Durham Trust also funds two annual Travel Scholarships of £300 each and the John Crowther Scholarship of £600.

However, with the increased costs of Higher Education, and constraints on the ability of academic departments within the University to offer support, the Master would like to do more to support Castle students, through a range of bursaries and scholarships.

Should you decide you are able to support the Trust either through leaving a legacy, through small monthly instalments, or through a one-off gift, Castle students and the Master would be most grateful for your support. Any donations to the Trust for the purposes of scholarships and bursaries will go directly towards supporting those students most in need of financial support. 

To support an existing scholarship or set up your own named scholarship or bursary please contact


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