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Castle AFC Old Boys

In 2009, a group of then not-so-old boys, yearning to relive the weekly wade through the waist-high mud patch that was college football at Maiden Castle, founded S.S. Ladzio, a football club primarily for Castlemen in London, with the help of some seed money from the Durham Castle Society.

Playing in the Central London Sunday Super League (“Central” and “Super” being superfluous and arguably misleading), the team plays around 25 games over the course of a season – each season runs from September through to April. Every few months, we have team socials that range from the uncivilised to positively raucous. In 2012 the club had its first ever “tour”, bringing 15 ex-Castlemen, and a few new friends, up to Durham for a grudge match against the Castle AFC A Team (this made us feel old) followed by a trip down memory lane at Bierfest (this made us feel even older). Our members range from those who graduated in the past couple of years to those who turn up once a season when their wives agree to look after their two kids and dog.

We tend to play our home games on at Regents Park and our away games at Clapham Common (with the occasional trip somewhere slightly more exciting), and always on Sunday afternoons. All ages and talents welcome – you don’t need to have played for Castle AFC back in the day, and you certainly don’t need to be in any way match fit.

Don’t hold back - contact or if interested.

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