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The Revd Henry Gee

/images/masters/Henry Gee.jpgThe Revd Henry Gee was Master of University College from 1902-1918.

He became a Professor of Church History in the University of Durham in 1910.

From 1914-1916, he also held the post of Warden of the Durham Colleges.

In 1918, he left his role at University College to become the Dean of Gloucester, a post he held until his death in 1938.





Dr H. Gee presided over the College as Master and an excellent Master he was. Sympathetic and kindly, he knew all about his men. He had a fund contributed by himself and some friends out of which he helped any undergraduate in need, a great boon in the days when there were no grants in aid by local authorities for the ordinary student. Like most of the staff he was a clergyman but he was one of the few Durham dons who were known outside Durham and he was Chaplain to the King.

When he became Master in 1902 there was no resident College Tutor... the following year Gee appointed W.D. Lowe as College Tutor under the Title of Junior Censor and as Senate would not find the money to pay him, Gee paid him himself.

Macfarlane-Grieve, writing in Castellum 12 (1959)

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