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The Revd Alfred Plummer

/images/masters/Alfred Plummer.jpgThe Revd Alfred Plummer was Master of University College from 1874-1902.

Plummer was one of the foremost New Testament scholars of his day.

Before joining University College, he was a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, from 1864.





...hundreds of old men of the Castle... will never forget the pale-faced bearded figure, and the deep voice which said 'my dear fellow', or the lectures on St. Luke which covered about two chapters a year. To the man who wished to get through an examination and nothing else they were a subject for grumbling; but the men who were really keen learned from him something of his scholarly methods of slow and meticulous examination of every word of Holy Writ.

Obituary in the Durham University Journal (1926) quoted in Edgar Jones's University College Durham: A Social History

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