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Lt-Col. Leonard Slater

/images/masters/Leonard Slater.jpgLen Slater 
was Master of University College from 1953-1973.

As Vice-Master for seven years, he was in charge of the Lumley Castle outpost of University College. After this followed a period of twenty years spent as Master.

He began teaching at Durham University in 1939 in the Geography Department, but left due to war service in Delhi and Kandy. After demobilisation in 1945, Len returned to Durham, immediately moving into the Chaplain's set in Castle with his wife Mrs Pat Slater. From 1946 he was resident in Lumley Castle as Vice-Master of the College, until he was appointed as Master in 1953.

After retirement, Len was appointed a Lieutenant of the County of Durham. 


The affection and respect in which the memory of Len Slater is held should be accompanied by an appreciation of his crucial role in restoring University College after the War, fashioning its buildings and its ethos into the viable inheritance it is today... For all he achieved for University College, for all his public service, but mostly for the person he was, we shall remember Leonard Slater.

Obituary in Castellum, 1998 - W. T. W. Morgan


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