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The Venerable Charles Thorp

/images/masters/Charles Thorp.jpgThe Venerable Charles Thorp was Master of University College and Warden of the University of Durham from the post's establishment in 1833, until his death in 1862.

Before the establishment of the University, Thorp was rector of the parish of Ryton, where he was later buried, and fellow and tutor at University College, Oxford (where he had earlier studied for a BA and MA). He became Canon of Durham in 1929 before Archdeacon in 1831, shortly before the University was established.

After Thorp's death in 1862, Warden of the University was created as a separate post to Master of University College.

The portrait of The Ven. Charles Thorp hangs in the Great Hall, behind the Master's seat at High Table. The College's graduate society (precursor to the Middle Common Room) the 'Thorp Club' was also named after Charles Thorp.

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