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Castle Alumni Cards

Any alumnus or alumna of University College can register to receive an exclusive Castle alumni card.

This allows you to visit Castle, drink in the Undercroft during term time, access exclusive alumni events, and receive discounts with local pubs and cafes in Durham. 

Once you have received a card, it is important that you read our information on arranging a visit to Castle.




When you receive your card, you will also be sent information on the latest College appeals and the University College Durham Trust. We ask that in return for free access to Durham Castle, the Undercroft, and invites to exclusive events both in College and elsewhere, you consider making a donation of £25 per annum, or more, if you can afford to do so! Your support is now more vital than ever. Staff, students and the Trustees of UCDT all appreciate your generosity and support for Castle.

With your Castle Alumni card you can also receive discounts on pubs, cafes and shops when visiting Durham. We are currently sourcing some great discounts for you, but below is a selection of what has been confirmed so far:


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Please note that your contact details will be shared with University College, who share a database with the Durham University Alumni Office. You can read the University's data protection policy.

B&B accommodation in Castle
20% off (please email to book).

Cellar Door
10% discount

The Bishop Langley
10% discount

Cotswold Outdoor
10% discount

Bistro Italiano
10% discount


If you could offer fellow Castlemen a discount or special offer to any organisation you are connected with, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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