Added Thursday 4th October 2018

For six years now, University College of Durham University has run a charitable association – ‘Castle Community Action’ (CCA) which aims to both provide and uphold physical and financial support to the local community.

CCA achieves these values through a number of projects focusing on homeless care, elderly care, community days within the Castle, and assistance within both primary and secondary education.

Our Homeless Outreach programme looks to support homeless people within Durham by running regular food collections and cooking meals through close associations with Foodbank and the Salvation Army (Sanctuary 21) every week; our elderly care group provides entertainment and social engagement for the residents of St Margaret’s care home through student and society visits on a regular basis, as well as inviting elderly guests to the Castle once a term for afternoon tea, in collaboration with Age UK’s Intergenerational Programme; the Primary Education team work closely with Laurel Avenue Primary School by running a Bright Sparks club for 4-7 year olds, a Latin club for older children, as well as arranging trips for the Primary school children to Beamish Museum and to the Durham Castle; our Secondary Education division has many exciting project with local schools such as sixth form tutoring, TEAM7 workshops for Year 7 students, Performing Arts workshops and an annual residential for Year 10 students within Durham Castle; and finally our termly Community Days open up the Castle to local residents for many events, including a Harry Potter themed family fun day which welcomed over 200 people and a Christmas themed afternoon for students and families from Durham Trinity School.

In order to fund these projects, CCA is looking to raise over £5000 this academic year. Last year, a large proportion of our fundraising target came as a result of our very successful Auction event. We hope to continue the success of this event by running it again this year, with the event taking place on Saturday 3rd November in Durham Castle’s Great Hall.

If you would like to get involved, or attend the auction this year, please feel free to contact us. More information regarding ticket sign up will be released soon.


Ms Mala Pandit


Durham Castle Society

Durham University