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The Durham Castle Lecture Series 2019-20

  Invitation to the Durham Castle Lecture Series 2019-20 Further information will be published very soon  

Added Friday 22nd November 2019

Toast to The College and Interim Master

At the 73rd Annual General Meeting, toast to The College and interim Master, Durham Castle Society annual dinner,  14th September 2019, given by Douglas Denham St Pinnock 1976-76.  

Added Friday 22nd November 2019

Olivia Inspires

  Remembering Olivia Burt Olivia Burt was a gifted and beautiful young woman who inspired others, and a first-year student at University College studying Natural Sciences when she was tragically killed in February 2018.  Olivia was just embarking on a journey that would…

Added Saturday 8th June 2019

Alexandra’s Awareness Campaign

Alexandra’s Awareness Campaign   I am grateful for: The ability to love and how much I care about others.   Alexandra Scarlett Wilshaw was a young woman who experienced life with intensity, its highs and lows, and challenges. She tragically died last year by suicide.  Al…

Added Tuesday 23rd April 2019


'Preaching to the Choir: A Sceptical Look at Carthusian Transmission of Vernacular Spiritual Writings'   Professor Vincent Gillespie (Oxford)    Saturday, 9th March, 4 pmSenate Suite, University College, The Castle, Durham This lecture will explore the public role of the Carthu…

Added Thursday 14th February 2019

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