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Floreat Castellum Boat Club

Floreat Castellum Boat Club (FCBC) is a network of University College Boat Club alumni.

Each year the club organizes an alumni vs. UCBC race at Durham Regatta followed by a nostalgic visit to the College bar on Castle Day.

They also organise an annual blazer/black tie dinner in London, a Gazebo and drinks at Henley Royal Regatta in July, and keep members informed and updated through an email mailing list.

In addition to the social side, FCBC provides support to the University College Boat Club. Members donate a monthly or annual amount to the UCBC reserve account, with the aim of providing extra equipment, boats and funds for a future substantial boat house renovation.

FCBC made large donations in 2011 and 2014 to help purchase an 8+ (Maurice the Master) and a IV (FCBC).  Donations are made every three years.

The Club currently includes members who graduated from 1961 to the present day. If you’d be interested in joining, or for more information, visit the University College Boat Club website.

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