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University College sports clubs funding requests


These are a number of Castle sports clubs that would like to ask for alumni assistance to meet their funding needs. They would appreciate it if you could please spare a moment to read about their request and then please consider supporting.


Men’s football (Castle AFC)

“As one of Castle’s largest societies we regularly have to upgrade our equipment. The club would like one away playing kit. The full kit for 14 squad members would come to £539. This would obviously allow the club to use a different kit if the situation arose where our cardinal kit clashes with the oppositions. This avoids a previous eventuality where we have had to play topless in freezing conditions.

The club also requires some new footballs. The club is in dire need of some training balls. Ideally we need 5 footballs, which are £10 each, this would allow us to use quality footballs to train and play with. All of these things would make a real difference to club. We would greatly appreciate your support”.

Andrew Kent, Club Captain                                                                                                         Rough cost: £589

This donation request has now been filled thanks to the generous donation of a Castle Alumnus.  


Women’s Hockey (UCHC)

“Despite a lot of recent successes the women’s’ hockey club is in need of equipment. Our Goalie equipment which costs around £700-1000 is mostly broken and with parts missing. This is really important as the kit is essential to player safety and we can’t play without it.

We also require 5 new hockey sticks and 12 match/training balls as these regularly brake and go missing.

Finally as we train regularly and have a large amount of players it would be really beneficial to have cones and bibs. We can therefore have some really high quality training sessions. Any help you can give would be incredibly helpful”.

Annabel Waugh, Club Captain                                                                                                   Rough cost: £1430


Men’s Hockey (UCHC)

Through the odd breakage and losing them over the years, UCHC now have very few balls with which to train. They are surprisingly expensive to replace. The same also go for training bibs which seem to have a very short life span. We could do with a set of 20 to replace the old ones we have remaining.

Most important of all is the need for some new Goalkeeping equipment. UCHC’s goalkeeper’s kit is so old and damaged that at present it is too dangerous to play with a keeper. As all of you know who have played hockey before nobody should be a hockey goalie without appropriate equipment. Only the helmet is realistically adequate for the level of hockey we play and goalie equipment is extremely expensive to replace. If we can keep being successful we could really do with a kit upgrade. Thank you and please consider helping us out”.            

James Waite, Men’s Captain                                                                                                      Rough cost: £1250


Netball Club (UCNC)

“We could really do with some match leggings as our current team dresses are too short - enough for 2 teams would be great as we currently have a lot of players and hoping to keep growing. We need to where our kit to compete in the league so funding for this is vitally important.

Around 20 pairs needed and each pair costs around £30. Support would be great to fund this and would be really beneficial for the club”.

Genie Rendell, Club President                                                                                                  Rough cost: £600


Men’s Rugby (UCRFC)



Due to the recent expansion of college, UCRFC for the first time have enough players to field two playing sides. This increase in numbers has not only allowed us to compete against the top teams in the college premiership but has allowed all members of UCRFC of all playing abilities to play competitive rugby, something that has greatly improved club moral and prestige.

However, in order to fund two playing sides, we are in need of alumni support. The cost of hiring pitches for two sides (£45 per game) has put a large strain on our budget and it would be fantastic if we could get some funding to allow all members of UCRFC the opportunity to play rugby on a weekly basis. We are also in great need of some new training balls. Use on the rubber crumb at Maiden Castle has worn the balls down to a point where they are no longer useable and we also require some extra balls to allow both teams to have productive training sessions. We currently only have 3 balls, one of which is meant to be reserved for matches. Securing funds for some additional training balls, each in the region of £20, would enable both teams to train productively and allow individual platers to go off and work on skills that are specific to their position.

The cost of new training balls and our ambition to field two regular sides adds up to a large amount of money that we are currently struggling to cover ourselves. Any help that alumni could give to UCRFC would be really appreciated and important towards maintaining the clubs continued success.

Rugby Captain Alex Boden

                                                                  Rough cost: £500


Women’s football (UCWAFC)

“We could really do with a new set of kit for the club. We currently have a set of about 7 red jerseys, which are practically useless given that the majority of colleges also play in red and that there are 11 (+subs) in a team! We usually have to resort to college fresher’s T-shirts which are not professional at all!

A set of 15 or 16 new jerseys (shorts optional) to be kept by the club would be ideal, so that we can guarantee that players have a shirt to wear at each match, and we can look like a proper team! We would expect these to last for at least 5 years. Any support you give could really help prolong the club for the foreseeable future”.

Eleanor Kershaw-Green, Club Captain                                                                                   Rough cost: £450


Badminton Club

“Shuttlecocks become damaged with use and need to be replaced often. New tubes of 6 shuttles would help to keep the club going at £8.50 each. The club has a number of racquets for the use of club members who do not have their own. Many of these racquets are very old and of a poor quality. Modern racquets of a decent quality would cost around £20 each and would enhance the experience of our casual players as well as improving the performance of team players”.

Jordan Brown, Club Captain                                                                                                        Rough cost: £105

This donation request has now been filled thanks to the generous donation of a Castle Alumnus.  


Tennis Club

“We would be very grateful for any funding you may be able to give for the University College Tennis Club.  We would like to buy some new rackets in order to allow as many as possible to play with us, including those who don’t have their own racket or were unable to bring it to Durham.  We thought it would be sensible to have a stock of 4-6 medium range tennis rackets such as Wilson Pro Team (around £50 each).

We would also appreciate a sum of money to allow us to purchase new tennis balls relatively regularly.  Sadly tennis balls are a quickly depreciating asset, and we have no choice but to buy more in order to enjoy the wonderful sport.  Especially with the often poor weather in Durham, balls are susceptible to not lasting very long.  If we could buy a pack of 18 tubes (72 balls) this would last the tennis club for a sensible period of time.

Finally, tennis whites for the club would be a nice way to give a sense of belonging.  If we could buy a tennis kit which could be worn by match players, and in the long run the entire club, it would give something by which people could remember College tennis and make us look professional against the other side. Thank you”

Ranulph Hely Hutchinson and Alexander Demidov, Joint Captains                          Rough cost: £620

This donation request has now been filled thanks to the generous donation of a Castle Alumnus.  


Pool Club

“Castle Pool is currently extremely popular. We currently have 3 teams each with 6 members and more members wanting to be part of a team. We could really do with 3 quality pool cues for matches (1 for each team) as the cues currently provided are of poor quality and it really makes a huge difference having good quality cues.

The club would also benefit from having a uniform in order to better represent University College and have a stronger team identity. We think team sweatshirts or t shirts would be a good option for this. We often play against teams with these and it’s a very good way to represent the College.

Harry Humfrey, Club Captain                                                                                                     Rough cost: £600


Cricket Club (UCCC)

“The club is severely short of equipment, to the extent that we had to borrow pads, gloves, bats and helmets from the opposition in our first game.  The one pair of pads we had was an amalgam of one left-handed pad and one right-handed pad.  It seems very sad that a club representing such a popular sport should have one bat, one pair of (odd) pads, no helmets and no gloves to show for it!  Furthermore, it is a big ask for students to bring their own cricket kit up on the train or in the car, since there is so much to carry.

In order to meet the needs of the club and to provide a suitable degree of safety for players who will be playing a good standard of cricket, I'd be enormously grateful for some decent protective equipment.  The club would benefit from 4 pairs of pads (two right-handed pairs and two left-handed pairs), and 4 pairs of gloves (again, two for right-handers and two for left-handers).  2 helmets would also be greatly appreciated for obvious reasons.

I am deliberately not asking for any bats, since they are so easily borrowable and so many people have them.  Furthermore, they do not count as protective equipment, which in my view is the most essential for the club.

For net sessions, the club would benefit hugely from a contribution of around 12 cricket balls and 2 sets of wooden springback stumps.  The current plastic sets are prone to breaking with hard balls. I think it would be great to have as much alumni involvement and support as possible. Thank you”.

Jack Sherrington, Club Captain                                                                                                  Rough cost: £800


Cutler Women’s Rugby

“Castle Women’s Rugby (jointly with Josephine Butler) is looking to buy new kit for the club. Our current kit is very old and poorly sized and because the club continues to grow in popularity and size, we no longer have enough shirts to field a playing team. The kit usually stays within the club and would benefit years of Women Rugby players. We also have limited training equipment and would benefit greatly from the purchase of two new tackle pads to train both new and old players with. Any help would be greatly appreciated and have a significant beneficial impact for the success of the club”.

Hannah Davisson, Team Captain                                                                                              Rough cost: £625


Women’s Basketball

“We need five new basketballs and an air pump to fill the balls. The current balls have been used for quite a number of years, and most of them leak air, and we have to fill the balls every time before our training, and caused our training not as effective as other groups. It would be very nice to have them changed, so that each girl can at least have a ball to practice during college training.  We also need some new kits since the Basketball League requires the players to wear college kit. However, the kit we are using now is not enough and we even have to give ours to the boy’s team when they have a competition. We would need 5 pairs of new basketball kit for the girls, including shirts and shorts”.

Crystal Du, Captain                                                                                                                            Rough cost: ­£300


Mixed Lacrosse

As a club the main equipment we need are lacrosse balls and sticks. Currently as one of consistently the largest and most inclusive sports clubs in the college, we often attract more players to our sessions than we have the sticks or balls to be able to cope with and so more of any of these would be much appreciated. We are also one of the best teams in the university, this year having been selected to represent the university in the York varsity matches. In order to improve our training, it would be most helpful to have cones and bibs for our practices.

James Simpson, President                                                                                                          Rough Cost : £650

This donation request has now been filled thanks to the generous donation of a Castle Alumnus.   



If you would like to support a sports club that wasn’t included it is still possible to do so. Not all societies submitted a funding request this time around but still would still very much appreciate your support.

To support the boat club please use the Floreat Castellum Boat Club page and their own Facebook page. 

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