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Examples of Our Fundraising


Hardship Fund and Scholarships

Occasionally circumstances that are out of our control can get in the way of success. For students, these circumstances can sometimes mean they cannot afford to continue studying without financial aid. The extra support that the hardship fund provides is highly appreciated by those in need, often without alternative sources of funding.

The College also awards Travel Scholarships, creating opportunities to carry out research, or engage in further study abroad. The Travel Scholarships enhance the learning experience of our students in unique ways.

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Academic and Extra-Curricular Activities

Castle is committed to offering an ambitious, diverse academic and extra-curricular programme. 

In order to support the continued growth of our academic community we always look for resources to expand the range of scholarships on offer. In particular, we have been working towards enhancing postgraduate funding opportunities, attracting excellent students and encouraging further research. We are also working on creating more study spaces in order to improve the quality of the learning environment at College. Further investments in this area are necessary.

Due to continued rise in numbers, equipment for the various sports teams, theatre, and music groups is also in constant demand

Castle Heritage

Ongoing work on the heritage collections at Durham Castle engages students, volunteers and the curator researching and documenting numerous treasures of Durham Castle. Many of the artefacts are in a fragile condition and require both conservation and new display cases in order to preserve them. However, a new digital environmental monitoring system has been introduced and conservation housekeeping has begun to learn how the environment is affecting the collection. With this knowledge we will be able to accurately meet the needs of the collection. Supporting projects related to Castle heritage is an opportunity to preserve a lasting legacy: we hope you will join us in this task.

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