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Preserving our Heritage

With the appointment of a new University College Curator in 2013, the College now has ambitious plans to help preserve the heritage and history of the College’s grounds, buildings and collections. The support of alumni and friends in realising these aims would be very much appreciated. Should you be interested in contributing towards any of these projects, please do get in contact with the University College Development Office.

Painting and frame conservation-Approx. £1,000 each

Durham Castle has a substantial painting collection that ranges from royalty to Prince Bishops, from Masters to the College Postman and from landscapes to still lifes. Over the years there have been a number of cleaning and restoration projects, however, environmental conditions and the objects' constant display have meant that many of the paintings have continued to deteriorate. A continuous programme of conservation and resting of both the pictures and the frames is needed to ensure their preservation and our continued enjoyment of the College's collections.

Display cases-Approx. £9,000 each

  • To provide high level security for objects
  • To showcase some of the fantastic objects in the collections
  • To provide improved lighting to showcase the collection
  • To provide the highest level of control of the internal environment to preserve the objects for future generations

Internship £25,000 onwards

Competition for entry-level jobs is extremely fierce in Museums. Lots of people want to work in museums, culture and heritage and there aren't very many jobs. Hundreds of qualified people are applying for one or two positions. In addition, different types of jobs need different types of skills and knowledge. For most types of entry-level job, you need experience the majority of students are forced to rely on unpaid volunteering.

The aim is to provide a year-long paid internship to provide a high quality work-based skills development. The programme would focus on practical experience, working with a collection in a heritage environment and being involved in caring for, protecting and promoting the Durham Castle Heritage Collection to preserve and promote the collection for the future generations to enjoy.

Conservation of the Tapestry Collection (£100,000 onwards)

The Senate Suite is home to the 17th century tapestries of the life of Moses. This programme would involve their conservation and the creating of replicas to allow the actual objects to be rotated with high quality surrogates. This one project along with their rotation and restoration would preserve them for the future.

Other possible ideas:

  • Interpretation banners to showcase the Castle's history and the College today
  • Treasures of Castle publication in line with other similar University publications
  • Fund to create a working fountain
  • Oral history project to record the stories of Castlemen
  • Improved flexible seating in the Norman Chapel
  • Conservation of weapons and other items
  • Support for documenting and photographing of the collections to professional standards
  • Collections and history research support
  • Accurate stone surveying of the Norman Chapel
  • A Community Archaeologist to start to survey the Castle, working with students, the University and the community
  • Online exhibitions

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