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The University College Durham Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1151821). It is managed by a team of highly experienced and professional Trustees, all of whom share a personal connection to the College. The Trustees are extremely grateful to all Castle alumni for their ongoing support for Castle through the University College Durham Trust.

Matthew Maneely (Secretary/Treasurer) (Castle 1990-1993) is a chartered accountant currently working at Smith & Williamson in Bristol specialising in assurance work for the not-for-profit sector.  He started his career at Price Waterhouse and subsequently PricewaterhouseCoopers where his work led to a focus on the above specialism.  He is currently Secretary and Treasurer.  His interests include sports cars and he has been involved for many years with the TVR Car Club of which he is a director and enthusiastic, if amateur owner of a number of different models of the marque.  He lives in Bristol where he moved following graduation from Durham.

Kevin Hawes (Castle 1977-1980) has been a trustee since 1997.  He was Secretary to the Durham Castle Society and the Trust from 1997 to 2005.  He spent 20 years with IBM in a variety of commercial, technical, professional, consulting and management roles working with major clients in Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Insurance, Technology and Industrial sectors. In 2005 he made a career change, purchasing a run-down Sussex farm and transforming it into a successful livestock enterprise.  He is now a full time farmer.

John Morrissey (Castle 1964-1967) has been Secretary to DCS since 2011 and as Secretary of DCS is also a Trustee of the University College Durham Trust. He qualified as a solicitor in 1970, spent 11 years in private practice, moved to the oil industry for 21 years, to the gas industry for 1 year and has been working in the security industry since 2002.

James Rowley (Castle 1994-1997) has been a Trustee of the University College Durham Trust since 2010. After graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Politics, James has spent fifteen years in investment banking, based in London. The majority of this time has been spent at Credit Suisse where he has had various roles within the Corporate Bank. These have included being a credit analyst covering retail and utility companies, the COO of the Corporate Bank in Europe and most recently in loan portfolio management focussing on trading credit default swaps to hedge loan exposure. James is also currently serving his fourth spell as a Durham Castle Society Committee member.

Alex Nelson (Castle ) is the stationmaster at Chester-le-Street Railway Station. He has remained actively involved with Castle as the Editor of Castellum, and the Trust and Society's Representative on College Council. Alex is also an active member of the Senior Common Room at Castle.

Jennifer Dell

In addition to the current Trustees, we are immensely grateful to John Hollier and to the late Neville Pearson, whose involvement in establishing the Trust was integral.

Neville Pearson (Castle 1959-1962)

Not unusually, Neville Pearson's life-long love of Durham began when his train pulled in to Durham station and he made his way up Windy Gap to the Castle for his interview with the Master.  He was delighted to receive an offer to embark on a History honours course in 1959.  As an undergraduate, he took full advantage of the opportunities presented by life in a small college of some 250 students, socialising, forming lasting friendships, earning his Castle colours and relishing the study of history.

After graduating and a brief period as a history teacher, he began studying law in his spare time and in 1967 qualified as a solicitor.  Whenever possible he made his way back to Durham, either to attend the annual reunions or for more informal visits, invariably accompanied by his wife, also a Durham graduate.  Contact was maintained when two of his children and a daughter-in-law also made Durham their alma mater, and culminated in the wedding of his elder son in the Tunstall Chapel.

The opportunity to give something back to the College came when discussions arose on the possibility of setting up a charity to provide financial support in preserving and enhancing the fabric and traditions of the College for future generations of students.  Legal expertise was required and Neville's name was put forward.  He accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and embarked on some very time-consuming and complex work, which he did free of charge as a mark of his love for and loyalty to the College.  He was justifiably proud of the resulting University College Durham Trust.  This led to several years of service as a trustee, including a short period as chairman, becoming a member of the Senior Common Room and acting as the Trust's representative on the College Governing Body and other committees.  He felt immensely honoured to be involved in all this work.

Neville's association with University College, Durham, was one of the crucial influences in his life, unfortunately cut short by his untimely death at the age of 69 in 2007."

John Hollier (Castle 1949-1951) was born in 1929 in York and was educated at Archbishop Holgate Grammar School there.   After military service in Austria he went up to Castle in 1949; graduating in 1951. He joined Turner and Newall and moved on to Unilever in 1957.  He worked for a number of subsidiary companies in personnel until he went as Personnel Director to  SSC&b Lintas International, which was sold to Interpublic, an American advertising company in 1982. Interpublic had worldwide responsibility for advertising a variety of products. John’s particular area of responsibility was Personnel and Pensions. In the sale of the Unilever company, the pension funds - some thirty of them around the world - were of crucial interest to the staff. As a result of this, John became the Pension Fund Chairman in addition to his other responsibilities. Subsequently this experience led to several similar roles after his retirement in 1987. John learnt a great deal about investment and the City. After retirement he spent ten years on the governing body of University College and was involved in founding the Trust with Albert Cartmell (Bursar), Edward Salthouse (Master) and Neville Pearson. Since the Trust’s formation, he has been Chairman of UCDT and is currently a Trustee.

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