The Trust

University College Durham Trust

The Trust, which is the College's independent charitable fund, was set up in 1990.

The University College Durham Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1151821).

As of 2014, the Trust is worth over £1 million, thanks to the generous donations of alumni over the years.

We ask for the support of alumni and friends of the College in securing a sustainable future for Castle, through supporting the Trust in whatever way they are able to. Together, we can ensure that the Castle community will continue to thrive.

With your support, we can fund fellowships, bursaries and scholarships for Castle; we can ensure that the acquisition of the Three Tuns Hotel and buildings on Church Street provide the best possible accommodation for Castle students; and we can preserve the heritage and fabric of College buildings within the Castle walls, maintaining Durham Castle as the heart of University College.

Prof. David Held, Master of University College and
Chairman of the University College Durham Trust.

You can find out how to support the Trust, below:

Standing order or one-off gifts

You can download our donation form to send a one-off gift or set up a monthly, quarterly or yearly standing order.

Please print the form and return it to: The Development Office, University College, Durham Castle, DH1 3RW

Don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box, which allows us to claim an extra 25% from your donation, at no extra cost to you.

Donate online

A simple way to donate is online, please use

and follow the online instructions.

Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation cheques are a convenient way of giving for those who donate this way.

Leave a legacy

It is possible to leave a legacy or a bequest to the University College Durham Trust by including notice of this in your will or by writing a codicil if you have already written a will. Legacies to the Trust fall outside your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. 

More information about legacies.

Other ways to support UCDT

  • Joining with others who were in your year at Castle is another way of helping our work. The Class of '62 Reunion pledged a total of £600 to the Trust. Gift-Aid rules will apply.

  • Corporate gifts can be made and are fully allowable for corporation tax.

  • Some companies operate Payroll Giving schemes.

  • Gifts of shares are another way of helping the Trust. Transfers can be made free of charge and will attract full tax relief. Donations have included a single share in Marks & Spencer and a much larger number of shares in Rolls Royce.


The Sabbatical Development Officer ( would be happy to advise any intending donors.

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